With Senior-Friendly Adjustments, You Can Live In Your Home Forever

custom homeThe average new or existing home buyer wants a house with exactly 2,226 square feet. That’s about 17% more space when compared to his or her existing home. More and more often, though, extra space on its own just isn’t enough. Recently, custom home builders and quality remodeling services are noting a significant trend: More Americans want to design homes that they can live in not just now, but forever. Here are just a few quality home improvements popular among retiring Baby Boomers and aging Americans:

It’s In The Little Things
Small bathroom improvements and slight adjustments to kitchen design can go a long way — and they can be subtle as well (i.e., perfect for trendy, middle aged adults and Americans ages 65 and up). Here’s what to do: Opt for lever-style door handles whenever possible. Small and/or circular knobs can aggravate joint pain, such as arthritis. Similarly, select paddle handles for sinks — or go with kitchen and bathroom sinks that are motion-activated and do not require any handles at all. All of these things can be added to equally desirable features, like double sinks, a walk-in pantry, and open, spacious kitchens (favored by 84% of home buyers).

Fall-Proof Features
Another important step when building custom homes that are suitable for all ages is to install fall-proof features. Even something as simple as a full bathroom on the first floor (a feature already desired by 81% of homeowners) can do wonders for preparing homes for senior living. Some even use the adjoining room as an office, nursery, sewing room, or den before converting it to a master bedroom later in life. To keep homes senior-friendly, cover kitchen and bathroom floors with tile with at least some texture, and, when applicable, make sure any carpeting is low to the ground with a tight weave.

Home design isn’t just about looks. More Baby Boomers want to build or purchase homes where they can grow old — some senior-friendly adjustments, like lever and paddle handles, a full bath on the first floor, and slip-proof tile makes it possible.

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