Some Tips for Making Your Custom Home the Envy of the Neighborhood

custom homeWhether you’re a new home owner or you’re looking to make some alterations to your longtime house, custom home contractors can help you remodel and make your dream living space a reality. Some people love to entertain for friends while others like to enjoy their home in privacy as an escape. Both are good reasons to make some changes and here are a few tips on how:

Bathrooms may not be the first thing that comes to mind when deciding on rooms you want to improve but they are relatively small, making bathroom improvements easier and less expensive than larger endeavors. The majority of homes with multiple stories have a full bathroom located on the top floor and only accommodate for a half bath on the main level. Recent trends in the market have found a distaste for the half bath with around 81% of owners desiring a shower on the first floor as well, about 45% of which consider it necessary.

Especially for those who enjoy entertaining friends, kitchens are a common place for people to spend time while eating meals or just during social interactions. For this reason many people choose to remodel their kitchen design above all other custom home alterations. Some people may focus on extending the size with large home additions, but smaller design changes can also create a completely new atmosphere for a kitchen. Besides space for a dining room, table 84% of owners consider walk-in pantries and a double sink necessities. They’re not huge alterations compared to some, but can still have a great effect on the space.

Return on Investment
Some homeowners underestimate their ability to raise the value of their house with some quality remodeling. The size and location are only a few factors that go into play in real estate purchases. Extras can really push the price up when selling a home. If that remodel of the kitchen was a success, you can expect an 81.8% return on your investment.

Custom home additions can have a real impact on your home whether for personal use, or to increase value. Don’t slide down the ranks in the real estate market by ignoring changes you’ve always wanted to make. Check local listings to find quality custom contractors who can improve your home, and in turn, your lifestyle.

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