Simple And Eye-Catching Kitchen Design Trends

kitchen designKitchen remodeling projects are in high demand. Renovating or remodeling kitchens can have an impressive return on investment of up to 81.8%, and these remodels are the perfect opportunity to add features, such as double sinks, walk-in pantries, and extra table space, that 84% of homeowners view as “desirable” and/or “important.” If kitchen design, quality home improvement, and/or remodeling additions are in your future, here are a few ideas to get you started:

Plenty of Cabinet Space Is A Must
More homeowners are making optimal use of kitchen space. For example, The Tennessean advises, “Take your cabinets to the ceiling, rather than leaving a ledge to collect dust and dated decor.” In addition to building cabinets and storage that go all the way up to the ceiling, you may also want to consider adding some open shelving. Open shelving is functional and practical, while also giving homeowners the perfect means of displaying items and adding personal touches and warmth to their homes.

Consider New Ways To Add A Pop Of Color
When it comes to home additions and quality remodeling, some things are obvious. (For instance, bigger is better. In fact, adding 1,000 square feet to your home increases its value by as much as 30%.) What is not obvious is how to add color and a certain oomph to homes — and particularly kitchens — without overdoing it. One emerging trend is simply to paint cabinets. “The most classic choices include white, off-white, and gray,” The Tennessean writes. It is becoming more popular to paint cabinets “a contrasting accent color, like charcoal gray, black, or even blue or green,” the publication continues. Choosing metallic accents for countertops and lighting fixtures is also a trendy choice at the moment.

Kitchen design can be simple, fun, and a valuable investment down the line, too. Revamp kitchens with more cabinetry, open shelving, painted cabinets, and metallic accents.

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