Remodeling And Quality Home Improvement: What’s New In 2015

quality home improvementIt’s hard to believe that it’s already March — and that may explain why interior designers, homeowners, and industry experts are still talking about what’s new in remodeling and home additions in 2015. Here’s what you can expect to see in the next few months, according to Consumer Reports and other top resources:

Homeowners Embrace Convenient Motion Sensors
Small tweaks to kitchen design can reap considerable rewards; in fact, minor kitchen projects are especially profitable right now, with an average return on investment (ROI) of 81.8%. What constitutes a small, but quality remodeling venture in the kitchen? A Jan. 30 Consumer Reports article predicts that upgrading to a “handle-free kitchen” will be a popular choice in 2015. In addition to simple motion senors in place of knobs or handles to turn faucets on and off, homeowners are turning to new technology to open appliances as well. For example, a dishwasher model in the works will respond to knocks, opening when consumers knock twice on the top of the appliance.

Kitchens Go Digital
Eighty-four percent of homeowners reveal that they prefer a walk-in pantry, ample table space, and a double sink. Needs and desires are becoming increasingly hi-tech. Some new features are relatively modest and straightforward: a fair amount of homeowners want new counters with wireless chargers built right in.

Other desired technologies can be infinitely complicated. A wired home is no longer a thing of the future, nor is it something reserved to the science fiction genre. It is already possible to control appliances from tablet PCs and smartphones. Homeowners can use smartphones to make certain they have turned the oven off from work, or even lock the fridge from young children’s prying fingers, also using their phone. While it is an increasingly desirable feature, homeowners should make certain to invest in security and backup systems for the new technology.

Some remodeling additions and quality home improvements, such as a new steel door with a return of 98%, are a no-brainer. The newest quality home improvements of 2015 will focus on the kitchen — and will feature handle-free and digital technologies.

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