Long Island Home Extensions

Are you in need of trustworthy Long Island company for home extensions? Look no further than Double Check Builders. We have a NYS licensed architect to create a practical design for your home, along with expert construction workers to carry out the job. With all of our extensions, you won’t even be able to tell that the new room wasn’t originally part of your Long Island home. Our work is absolutely seamless. We want you and your family to love every part of your home, so we conduct every job with the best procedures.

Double Check Builders has been providing our home improvement services for almost six decades. As a result, we’ve gained extensive experience in creating phenomenal home extensions for our Long Island customers. Our employees are skilled in crafting both first and second story additions too. We always work closely with each client to ensure that they’ll love the work we do; that’s why we provide material samples so you can decide on the perfect ones for your extension. Most importantly, we’ll work within local building codes and regulations.

Home extensions always tend to be popular home improvement projects among Long Island residents. Many homeowners discover they may need one after welcoming a new family member into their home, or perhaps require a home office due to a new job. In addition, extensions are a preferred alternative to moving to a larger home on Long Island. This is especially true if any family members in your home have jobs nearby or already attend a great school district. Moreover, an extension will not only bring you greater comfort in your home, but is also a sound financial investment should you decide to sell your home in the future.

We want you to make the most of your home! Our ultimate goal is for your family to feel complete comfort with your Long Island home’s layout and design, and extensions play a large role in that. We’ll organize the entire project to not only run on time, but interfere as little with your personal life as possible. You’ll be left with a beautiful extension that gives you all the space you need in your home.

However, before deciding on extensions, we urge our customers to consider the possibilities of a basement remodel in their Long Island home. Many homeowners don’t realize the potential that basements hold. In fact, they can be converted into a variety of different rooms, such as family rooms, workout centers, home offices, media centers, and many other possibilities. We can transform your basement from a rarely used storage room to a family common area. However, should you decide that an extension better suits your vision, we’re prepared to work on that project for you too.

Interested in scheduling an appointment to meet with Double Check Builders? Don’t wait and call us now at (631) 593-4497. We’d be more than happy to go over any ideas you have for Long Island home extensions, as well as any other remodeling projects you’d like to work on. Our employees will walk you through every step of the process and give you the best customer service you can expect from experienced contractors.