Home Expansion Projects To Upgrade Your House

home additionsAdding a new addition to your home can benefit you by getting you more out of your home, and can be a great alternative to selling your home for a larger one. Many new home additions also add value to your home, which can be useful down the road when you are looking to sell. If you’ve been considering expanding your home, here are a few addition projects that you may want to try.

Adding a Garage
Installing a garage is thought to be one of the highest quality home improvement projects for a house. Today, 53% of house buyers look for a house with a garage that can hold at least two cars. In addition, garages are one of the easiest remodeling additions, as they don’t need finished flooring and dry wall, plumbing, or heating and cooling ducts.

Expanding Your Kitchen
Kitchen remodeling services are one of the most requested home additions, and can help raise the value of your home. Even minor and mid-range kitchen remodeling projects have an average ROI of 81.8%. Modern kitchen designs offer new ‘green’ appliances that can help reduce your impact on the environment, and save you money. More than 84% of homeowners consider a walk-in pantry, table space for eating, and a double sink essential to a well functioning kitchen.

Creating a Home Office
With many businesses switching to work-at-home options, the home office is becoming one of the most popular remodeling additions. A home office is a perfect place to put all your technology and work supplies, and offers you the privacy you need to get your work done. A home office gives you complete control over your productivity, and can help you do your work efficiently without having to worry about distraction.

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