Design The Perfect Bathroom For Germaphobes

bathroom improvement Bad news, germaphobes. Studies agree that, well, most homeowners and workers are kind of gross. Or, at least, personal hygiene isn’t as big of a priority as it should be. According to a recent survey, “Only 60% of women and 38% of men wash their hands after going to the toilet,” according to Thankfully, new bathroom improvement and quality remodeling projects can address the problem.

The Sink That Shames You Into Washing Your Hands
In the commercial sphere, new sensors “monitor hand-hygiene compliance in any zone or workflow where hand wash protocols are required, including restrooms, break rooms, exits, and raw food or ready-to-eat (RTE) prep areas,” continues. Of course, it is possible to use the same motion-sensing technology at home if it suits you. While it may seem a little over-the-top, it could be a fun way to teach the kids good habits.

Dreams Come True: Design A Bathroom That Cleans Itself
Okay, this one is a lot better. Once again, new technologies make it possible to install certain bathroom fixtures that clean themselves. For instance, new products automatically mist bathrooms with anti-bacterial spray. Heated floors and new blower drying systems make it possible to keep bathrooms dry and moisture-free. In turn, this prevents mold and grime buildup. These are great features to include in a full bathroom on the first floor (a feature 81% of homeowners want) — the bathrooms that get the most day-to-day use.

Let’s Talk About Doorknobs And Handles
Finally, when contacting a custom home or custom bathroom contractor about quality home improvement, don’t forget about small, but critical details. The right doorknobs, for instance, transmit significantly less germs than comparable materials — and that’s great news for germaphobes. In one study, copper knobs and handles contained 90 to 100% less germs than chrome or brass fixtures.

Most homeowners (53%) want two car garages and a basement (66%), but — although they might be less likely to admit it — there’s a pretty good chance that they want a bathroom that cleans itself, too. Now they can have one. New technologies are going a long way in terms of bathroom improvement and cleanliness.

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